Oh my word, these are the softest sugar cookies we’ve ever had.  Once you get the timing right for your oven with how thick you want to make them it isn’t hard to find nirvana….barely colored beyond their pale creamy start…YUM.




1 1/2 c. sugar                        1 c. Crisco Oil (better taste with Crisco over generic or Canola oil)

2 eggs                         1 c. sour cream (lite or regular—I’ve never used fat free)

Mix the above four ingredients together and add:

1 tsp. baking soda             1 tsp. salt            1 tsp. baking powder

 4 cups of flour. 


Cover bowl and refrigerate over night or at least 2 hours.   Roll out and cut.  We like a thicker cookie, but cut according to your preference and then bake at 375 degrees for 7-8 minutes.  You will have to figure out your time by your thickeness and your oven.  They are supposed to BARELY show any brown around the edges.  They will mostly be a creamy white color.  Don’t leave them on the hot cookie sheet very long so they don’t keep cooking.  Sugar before baking or frost afterwards….or leave them plain.